Jets @ Red Wings Game Day Updates, Keys to the Game

Can’t be worse than Tuesday, right?


These next updates show the sequence of events in which my anticipation for tonight’s game became negative (Peter)

Red Wings Line Up

This is what Detroit went with for the morning skate this morning. As you can see from the above update, Larkin is questionable for tonight.





Jets Line Up

Connor - Scheifele - Laine
Ehlers - Wheeler - Perreault
Copp - Lowry - Roslovic
Bourque - Shore - Shaw

Morissey - Poolman
Sbisa - Pionk
Beaulieu - Bitetto


Three Keys to the Game

  1. Keep your feet moving on the power play. The Wings power play performed pretty well against Pittsburgh, then they stopped getting the opponents’ PK turned around when they visited Winnipeg on Tuesday. Get that puck behind net and cycle. It’s a lot tougher to defend when your head has to swivel.
  2. Avoid the now-signature ‘Red Wings 5-Minute Collapse.’ Every team goes through the ebb and flow. Even the worst team in the league is going to get some dangerous looks against the best team, and the best team is going to get a lot of good looks against the bad ones. There have been a lot of games where the Wings have hung in there, like against Pittsburgh, but then they just crumble for a few minutes and pop! Three goal deficit. It takes the wind out of the sails and Detroit has to find a way to stop the bleeding when that first one goes in.
  3. Be machines. Hockey is an emotional sport, and I get that, but with everyone’s emotions running high and the sticks being squeezed so damn tight they’re bound to crumble into sawdust soon, don’t play like an angry, cornered animals. Nah, Detroit has been playing like that for a month. The problem is that an animal can feel pain and fear. What Detroit needs to do is let go of emotion and turn themselves into godless killing machines on the ice. No mercy. No blinking. Just execute the task. They can celebrate when it’s all over.