Johan Franzen and Tomas Tatar are trolling each other on Instagram

After a big 3-2 win over the Nashville Predators, Red Wings veteran winger Johan Franzen made yet another funny on Instagram. This time, his trolling was directed towards another one of his wing counterparts, Tomas Tatar:

Separated at birth! Tatar and Pitbull

A photo posted by @jfranzen93 on

Now that's funny, because holy cow Tatar actually kind of looks like Pitbull.

Now, Tomas Tatar just couldn't let the old bull have all the Internet fun. No, Tatar got Franzen back, this one was a bit more... Savage, I guess is what the kids say nowadays:

Got him! Even though Johan Franzen isn't able to play due to his concussion, he's still very much a part of this team in terms of leadership, and of course comedic relief. He's been the best thing on the Internet since the summertime. Good job, Mule!