Listen to Fer Sure: Episode 70 with Special Guest Bryan Bastin

Peter and Sara take you around the NHL, and beyond!

We had an audio glitch around the 6 minute mark, and I had to use a small section of the backup audio.

Here’s what we have for you this time (all time locations are without the ads because they are put in after we upload the episode)

00:00 - Introduction to our guest, who covers Nashville for On the Forecheck. We talk about Nashville’s terrible season so far, as well as the lottery system proposed changes

23:40 - Finishing the discussion of the lottery. ESPN is going to be showing the NHL next season, and we talk about how we feel about that.

46:24 - Wrapping up the discussion on ESPN and watching hockey. We have to talk at least a little bit about suspensions and NHL on-ice discipline, which is a dumpster fire as always. We wrap up with some positive thoughts!

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