Listen to This Week's WIIM Radio: Training Camp Edition

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Welcome back to another episode of WIIM Radio. For this show, we had Michelle, Joseph, Kyle, and me on to discuss the latest happenings with the Red Wings just prior to the preseason games starting. We had lots to cover, so let's go over the rundown.

The Prospects Tourney - Michelle was in Traverse City for this event and gives us her rundown of who looked impressive and who looked... well, less impressive in the Wings' 2nd place tournament showing.

Main Wings Camp - In this segment, we went pretty heavily over the system adjustments, the defensive logjam, the plan for the forwards, and the observations of Kyle and Michelle from camp, as they both attended.

The Blackhawks' Awful Decision - I wanted to clarify some things on what a bad idea it was for the Blackhawks to do pretty much everything they did in bringing Patrick Kane to camp (as a note, if you don't feel comfortable listening to this segment, we have a notice in the episode when we're going to start talking about it. You can skip from 1:03:35 to 1:09:00 and miss the whole thing if you'd like).

Prospects Report - Not all of our prospects were in Traverse City in the last two weeks. Michelle gives us the rundown of the kids playing elsewhere right now.

Reader Questions - You asked about 20 questions and we answered most of them. This is always one of my favorite segments.

Give us a listen via the embedded player above or on our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also download WIIM Radio via iTunes. As a reminder, we do use adult language on WIIM radio (though not as much as last week). Please be aware of that before letting toddlers listen.