Listen to WIIM Radio and have a merry Christmas

Welcome to the Christmas edition of WIIM Radio! We had me, Michelle, Graham, and Kyle on to discuss the Wings in the wake of the Devils loss on Tuesday. After getting that crapfest out of the way, we went on to make ourselves feel better with other stuff. Here's a rundown of the topics

  • The Devils loss - The Wings felt like they were going to pull that off until they didn't. What a tease.
  • We can't let goaltending be the elephant in the room here. Howard was bad and he should feel bad, but it's ok to criticize the entire team when they fail. That's what teamwork is all about, sharing the blame!
  • With two losses in their last three games and a three-game road trip coming up, will Tomas Nosek and Xavier Ouellet draw into the lineup? Who should play when Ericsson returns?
  • We went over the other two games from the past week, including what should have been a statement game for the Wings against Vancouver but wasn't and then what turned out to be a pretty good performance against Calgary.
  • Prospects report - With the Griffins continuing their tear up the AHL standings, we have plenty of nice and positive things to say about our prospects. Also the WJC starting soon.
  • Reader questions - I don't want to brag, but we rocked this portion. You all asked some great questions and I came up with some really great answers. Everybody else talked too.
  • Farewell and happy holidays

With knowing that you all have a few days off without hockey and have to hang out with your family most likely, we made this episode a little bit longer to tide you through the break. You can listen via the embedded player above or at our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also find us on iTunes or Google podcasts to put on your Zune player.

As a gentle reminder, we use language that isn't suitable for church in our podcast, so please don't plug your Zune player into church speakers and blast it during mass. That would get you in trouble and would absolutely not be our fault.