Listen to WIIM Radio: February 10th Edition

Welcome to another episode of WIIM Radio, here for your earball pleasure. We had a packed crew tonight and got into a bunch of good stuff. We had me, Jeff, Lauren, and Kyle on to discuss things. Here's what we got into:

  • The week that was - The Red Wings went 2-2, hopefully hitting rock bottom and then winning two straight. The Florida trip was garbage, but a few adjustments later and it appears as though things have been turned around for the better.
  • The concerns of the Florida game - A 3-0 win against the division leaders were good, but it wasn't all hunky-dory, especially with our defensemen. Guess which ones!
  • Petr Mrazek is really really good - The guy is putting up amazing numbers. Can he keep it up all year?
  • Kindl and his playing time - So the guy always does well in his first game back and then goes back to sucking. With an assist on the game-winner Monday, it seems he'll keep that up. Should we even have him here anymore?
  • Abby on Barkov - None of us would have been surprised with supplemental discipline, but that's only because the process is garbage. The DoPS made the right call not to suspend.
  • Trophy watch - We go over the Calder and Vezina races because those are the only two we have candidates in.
  • Prospects Report - Michelle covered the Griffins' weekend domination of Rockford, the Grand Rapids power play, Joel Rechlicz's useless night, Frk's resurgence, The Walleye, Vili, the kids in juniors (including Svetch), and the European kids.
  • Reader Questions - You all asked at least three or four really great questions and then a bunch of others. We answered them all!
  • The week ahead - With four games on the schedule in the next seven days, we'll tell you without a doubt how they'll go down.

- - -

As always, you can listen via the player above or right at our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also download and listen via iTunes or Google Podcasts, where you can leave feedback for us too. Special thanks to Electric Guest for the outro music!

WIIM Radio is rated R for language and banana hammock talk.