Listen to WIIM Radio: Mid-December Edition

Still reeling off the third period collapse to the Sabres, we had me, Graham, Lauren, Prashanth and Michelle to get us caught up on the Red Wings and Griffins this week. As always, you can listen via the embedded player above or head over to our Blogtalk Radio page. Provided BTR isn't still screwy, you should be able to find us on iTunes as well.

Here's a quick rundown of what we went over.

  • The Buffalo loss and the Red Wings' third period woes. It's getting pretty tiring watching the Wings keep doing this, so what's the root cause? Are they playing to extend or protect leads.
  • Tomas Tatar and some real tough defensive play by him lately.
  • The defensive logjam - when Quincey comes back. What to do? If Scuderi can get moved, can anybody? (oh hey, BTW, Rob Scuderi got traded AND had salary retained). We all agree that it's very important to keep Marchenko around.
  • Prospects report - Michelle covers the streaking Griffins and the players from elsewhere, including some WJC stuff for us.
  • Reader questions - Expansion, Sheahan, Team construction, Marchenko, Cherry, Datsyuk, and more!
  • The week ahead: How will the Wings do against their Western Canadian foes?

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language. You can write your congressperson to complain if you'd like. In fact, please do. I'd like to see a form letter promising to look into this scourge.