Listen to WIIM Radio: New Year's Edition

Welcome back to WIIM Radio, the first of 2016! This time around we had a small crew of just me, Kyle and Lauren, but we had plenty to talk about, since we skipped last weeks episode. Here's what we covered:

  • The Wings performance lately - Detroit has won their last two games, but that's two of their last five. They haven't looked particularly convincing anywhere in that stretch. What's it all mean?
  • Kronwall/Ericsson and the pairings - For some reason, Blashill has the pairings set weird and has decided that Kronner-Riggy should be a thing again. What the hell?
  • Roster moves - Nosek is a Griffin again as Miller and Jurco are cleared to go. Quincey will be back real soon and Ken Holland is talking about not carrying eight defensemen. We talked at good length about what we think that will mean for Marchenko and the pairings.
  • Around the NHL/Atlantic - Florida has won 10 straight to take hold of the Atlantic, but does this division have a true contender? What's it going to look like at the end of the year? We also briefly cover how stupid the West is.
  • Prospects Report - Michelle walks us through Griffins, Walleye, Winterhawks, Firebirds, and the World Juniors going on in a tightly-packed prospects report.
  • Super-big mailbag - We had two posts full of great questions to answer and jumped through them all.
  • The week ahead - The Wings head west. How will we do?/

- - -

As always, you can listen via the embedded player above or from our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also search us and download from iTunes and Google Podcasts. WIIM Radio is rated for adult language, though we're not exactly salty sailors as much in this one.

Thanks and LGRW!