Listen to WIIM Radio: November 1st Edition

Halloween has passed and the WIIM Radio season is in full swing

Welcome back to another episode of WIIM Radio. This week we had me, Graham, and Jeff in a WIIM throwback edition with Michelle providing us a meaty helping of prospects news. You can listen to the episode via the embedded player above or download it from our Blogtalk Radio page.

Here's the rundown:

  • The Week that Was - We started off with the 1-2 shitshow to lead into everything else we wanted to talk about, so the loss to Carolina, the loss to Ottawa, and the win in Ottawa led things off for us as we reacted to those games.
  • Latest Topics - Luke Glendening is back as the sacrificial lamb for the team's possession and it's absolutely terrifying. I try to put lipstick on a pig while fighting a person who isn't even here to defend himself. After we work through our feelings on that, we go over the defensive logjam and our wishlist for what will happen when the blue line is totally healthy.
  • Tyler Bertuzzi and the Prospects Report - We lead into the prospects report with Tyler Bertuzzi talk after his two-game suspension, then hand it over to Michelle for a wide range of topics including that same play, Todd Nelson's mark on the Griffins, the scheduling oddities in the AHL, and the non-AHL prospects.
  • Reader Questions - We were kind of light on questions, but still got a number of good ones in. Great work by our readers here.
  • The Week Ahead - We'll take a look at the upcoming games for the Wings and give you the stone cold locks on what's going down.

- - -

As a reminder, WIIM Radio is always rated R. Prepare your earholes accordingly. Thanks!