Listen to WIIM Radio: Playoffs Round 1 Edition

Welcome to our latest episode of WIIM Radio. This time around we've got the standard me-Kyle-Graham formation running with Michelle doing all the good hard work and us screwing around for a while. Here's what we got up to:

  • The First Three Games vs. Tampa - Detroit fell apart in the first two games, but held strong for the third. How confident should we be in the Wings being able to play in game 4 just like they did in game 3?
  • Goaltending Controversy? - Petr may not have been the reason the Wings won game 3, but he's got to be your guy going forward, yeah?
  • Blashill's Adjustments - What makes the Abby-Glendening-Sheahan line such a good matchup against Tyler Johnson's line? How does that work out for the other matchups and can Blashill keep pushing that advantage?
  • Around the Brackets - The other series are going on and the Chicago/St. Louis one is real interesting, the Caps beating up on the Flyers, California can't win home games, and we forget to talk about NYI/FLA because lol.
  • Prospects Report - The Griffins start their postseason on Friday after also backing into the playoffs. Michelle runs us through all the goings-on in Grand Rapids and beyond for the kids in the pipeline.
  • Reader Questions - Lots of great stuff in this week's episode and almost as many good answers. The favorite shapes question was the best. Don't @ me.

- - -

You can listen via the embedded player above or right from our Blogtalk Radio page. We're also available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, and on my own computer's personal hard drive if you want to come over and give it a listen (hint: don't do that).

WIIM Radio is rated R for language and throwing beer at Brian Boyle.