Listen to WIIM Radio: Season Autopsy Edition

The Wings' season is over, but there's still plenty left to talk about on our latest episode of WIIM Radio. Join along as me, Graham, and Kyle break things down while Michelle joins in to edify your asses on the lads in the pipeline. Here's what we got up to.

  • The Red Wings are Done - What doomed the Wings this season and into the playoffs? How much of it was just bad luck versus how much of it was stuff they did wrong all season long?
  • How to Right the Ship - Fixing the power play (including dealing with Abdelkader), time to stop "playing safe" and playing the damn kids for better or worse.
  • Making the Moves - Ken Holland talks about getting more aggressive with trades. We take a look at some names out there and some potential trade destinations for Jimmy Howard.
  • Prospects Report - With the Griffins still alive, Michelle runs us down the Griffins as they get ready for their 2nd round series against Lake Erie in the Calder Cup playoffs.
  • Reader Questions - Y'all didn't get any FMKs or duck/Tangradi questions, so Kyle and Graham had a great time while I suffered through hosting this portion. Thanks a lot.
  • The Rest of the Playoffs - Who do we hate the least who's left. Find out!

- - -

Give us a listen via the embedded player above or on our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also find us on iTunes and you're supposed to be able to find us on Google Podcasts as well.

WIIM Radio is rated R for language and horse whispering.