Listen to WIIM Radio: Thanksgiving Edition

Welcome to our new WIIM Radio for the week of Thanksgiving. This time around we had me, Jeff, Kyle, and Joe on talking the Wings. Here's what we got up to:

  • The last week - Detroit earned 5 of a possible 6 points against three of the top teams in the league. Let's take a moment and be happy about that.
  • The loss of Ferraro - The ol' Asset Management Monster bit our roster again and stole away from us Ray Ferraro's son. Listen to us all talk about who we would have rather have waived (hint: It rhymes with Toe-A-Dream Manger Bun)
  • Dylan Larkin is really good - If you get tired of listening to people praise Dylan Larkin then that's your problem.
  • Jurco's comeback - After three games in GR, Jurco is on fire again. When will he be back and how will we fit him into the lineup?
  • The defensive pairings - What's working so far along the blue line for Detroit? How do we like our pairings?
  • The Stadium Series Jerseys - Candy cane or eyeball pain, what does everybody think of the new duds?
  • Prospects Report - Michelle goes over the Griffins hot week and the turnaround they've seen, then welcomes on Patrik from Habs Eyes on the Prize to talk about our European gems.
  • Reader Questions - Our favorite part of the podcast, where we go over all of your questions to make sure we give them the answers they deserve.
  • The week ahead - Three more games this week for the Wings, with Boston, Edmonton, and Florida standing in the Wings' way. how will we do?

- - -

As always, you can listen to the article above, download it from iTunes (where you can leave a five-star review if you'd like), get it from Google Podcasts, or head to our Blogtalk Radio page for a listen (and for our archives). As a reminder, we'll have a special version of WIIM Radio a bit later on, as we'll have the uncut version of the talk between Michelle and Patrik about our European prospects.

WIIM Radio is rated R for language. It's Jeff''s fault.