Listen to WIIM Radio: The After-the-Midpoint Edition

Welcome to our newest WIIM Radio! This time around I’m joined by Mike B with Peter hosting our festivities for the chit-chat. Here’s what we got up to

The Red Wings of Late: Detroit is 4-4-1 in the new year so far with good-looking wins over Chicago and New Jersey and also some dumb-looking losses. Pretty much par for how we got here from 2017 as expected. At least the kids are getting more chances to shine and to learn at the NHL level from the team’s inconsistent play. While on the topic though, we take some time to go over the Joe Hicketts situation and how dumb it is he got just a one-game callup, but at least it was him and not Lashoff. We also talk Turgeon and the oddness of the recall. Finishing off... powerplay woes!

Around the NHL: With the season just over halfway over and all the teams through their breaks, we took a quick look around the league to see what’s up in Vegas and marvel at the idea that they actually gave Marchand five games. The Avs have been super-hot, but watching them lose again was nice. The Blackhawks are “not fantastic” and that’s very entertaining. Buffalo and Arizona are super-duper bad.

Upcoming Special Tournaments: Between the Olympics and the All-Star....errrr...”game” we’ve got some specialty hockey to talk... and some real trouble building any actual excitement for the ASG. Between the format and the other crap surrounding it, it’s just hard to really care. There is more interest in the Olympics to watch some guys playing for national pride and a crop of younger folks.

Positivity Corner: The best segment of any podcast.

Reader Questions: You asked and we answered in a hearty reader question segment, as we talked about the struggles getting shots, the plans for selling off, the coaching, and more!

Looking Ahead: Detroit has one game left before the All-Star break and then picks back up next Wednesday. Our crystal balls are out and polished for this one.

You can listen via the embedded player above or download directly from our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also find us on iTunes and Google Podcasts by searching for WIIM Radio. For an astronomical fee, I’ll translate it into korean and then into Russian and then back into English for you.

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language and effervescence.