Listen to WIIM Radio: The All Positive Edition

Yzerman is Back, Baby!

Welcome to the newest edition of WIIM Radio! Steve Yzerman returned, just like we always knew would happen and never doubted, even for a second. Joining me for this episode was Prashanth and JJ.

Happy Leafs Elimination Day!: It was the loss that launched 1,000 memes. Toronto couldn’t win a game 7 (again), and the knives are out for Mike Babcock.

Playoff Predictions (Revamped): Now that most people’s brackets are busted, what do we think is going to happen the rest of the way in the battle for Lord Stanley’s Cup? You’re definitely going to want to make major bets using this information because we have all been completely right so far.

The Return - First Reactions: Steve Yzerman is home where he belongs. How did we feel when we heard the news?

How Does This Change The Plan?: How does the return of Yzerman change things going forward for Detroit? Or does it?

The Press Conference: On the day his hiring was announced, Yzerman answered some questions, Chris Ilitch talked entirely too much, and Ken Holland looked emotional. We break down the biggest moments from the press conference, as well as take a moment to look at Holland’s legacy.

But How Does This Affect The Leafs Blashill?” We didn’t do a mailbag for this episode, but former WIIM Radio host Jeff had a question about the future relationship between coach Jeff Blashill and Yzerman.

You can listen via the embedded player above or download directly from our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also find us on your favorite podcast streaming apps. For a million dollars, I’ll fly to your house and sing it to you personally.

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for excessive schadenfreude and a lack of Sigmund Freud.