Listen to WIIM Radio: The Bromé Mance Edition

Heads Up: Our editor Jay said that there were some audio drop outs near the end. Sorry for any parts that are hard to understand.

Welcome to the latest edition of WIIM Radio! For this episode, I am hosting again, with JJ and Sara joining me.  Here’s what we got up to, including time stamps (Time stamps don’t include the advertisements because we have no control over how long the ad breaks are):

00:00 - A little NHL News. The Brome signing

31:15 - The Yzerplan: Part 1

01:08:31 - Reader Questions and Final Thoughts

You can listen via the embedded player above or download on your favorite podcasting app, including Spotify! We can also bury it in the ground in hopes that it will be discovered years later and thought to be a new segment of the Epic of Gilgamesh

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language and not knowing how to read social cues since everyone is wearing masks.