Listen to WIIM Radio: The Second Three-Quarters-of-a-Half Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of WIIM Radio! Skeleton crew for this one as it’s just me and Sara holding it down.  Here’s what we got up to.

The outlook for the rest of the season: We help assuage everybody’s concerns that a winning steak similar to last season’s is going to make much of a difference with just 31 games left and 13 standings points to make up, but first we have to, you know, actually win games.

Trade deadline speculation: Honestly not a lot to get excited about with this year’s trade deadline, but you never can tell with Steve Yzerman running the show nowadays. Will we see any midnight wheelings and dealings?

The All Star Game: It’s become more fashionable in the last few years to loudly proclaim a disinterest or even flat-out disdain for the ASG, but we got to the heart of why so many hockey fans would rather spend the time gardening (or simply just not paying attention to hockey).

Reader Questions: All the puntential of the Seattle team name rumors and a look at strengths & weaknesses in the depth chart. Plus, we take a look back at the goaltending performance OF THE DECADE.

Around the league: Wanna know the three teams we hate the least out of the ten-best squads in the NHL? Sure you do!

00:00:45 - Season way past halfway

00:02:00 - Standings/Draft Shenanigans

00:05:00 - Contracts

00:11:00 - Call Ups/Returning players

00:13:00 - Trade Deadline

00:15:45 - All Star Game

00:24:26 - BREAK ONE

00:24:35 - Reader Q’s

00:43:30 - BREAK TWO

00:43:39 - Around The League

00:50:00 - Who Do You Want/Who Will Actually

You can listen via the embedded player above or download on your favorite podcasting app. For a small fee, I’ll personally transcribe the entire episode and mail it to you glued onto acorns.

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language and bad puns.