Listen to WIIM Radio: The Yzerdraft Edition

The WIIM Radio crew previews the 2019 NHL Draft from for the Red Wings.

Here’s what Peter, JJ, Sara, and Dr. Dangles covered in this episode.

Draft Primer: Just in case ANYBODY has been living under a rock waiting for WIIM Radio to explain the basics, we’ll start off covering where we are and the tier of players the Wings can expect to be looking at with their first rounder. As an added bonus, we had a reader poll in the mailbag that we will talk about.

Draft Strategy: Should the Wings consider moving up or down in the first round? What about moving around by potentially moving back or using some of their later-round draft stock (and/or some of their potential cap space) to pick up some added value?

The Later Rounds: We’ve talked to death about the guys expected to go early in the first, but want to take an opportunity to look deeper into the draft pool and figure out what the Wings might want to do with those later round picks to parse which guys fit those needs. Peter and Dr. Dangles have a few players to keep an eye on in the later rounds.

Reader Questions: You asked, we answered. Well, at least most of them. Some weren’t questions.

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