Listen to WIIM Radio: The Draft and Free Agency Edition

The WIIM Radio crew discusses the NHL draft and free agency

Here’s what Peter, JJ, and Sara covered in this episode.

The Draft: Moritz “lots of up” Seider was probably a reach... or not... or who cares? The Wings drafted him and now we all love him. He’s not the only kid we grabbed though. We’ll get draft reactions from the crew.

The Yzermandate: Stevie fired a scout and hired his brother. Is this the new Keith Gretzky era? Is the Swedish Mafia slowly being replaced by the Yzermen? What’s the plan going forward?

Free Agent Frenzy: Detroit had money to dip in the pool and spent a little bit on some stopgap pieces, which almost certainly belies the timeline. We’ll go over what the Wings did (and didn’t do) on July 1st and discuss what’s still to come.

Around the League in RFAs: Plenty of money got spend, some of it was on Sebasian Aho. We finally got an offer sheet! Is that an under-utilized market inefficiency we’ve seen exploited or just a product of a situation unique to this year?

Reader Questions: Make sure to ask anything your heart desires so we don’t miss answering your best questions. Despite everything, still my favorite part of every episode.

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As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for inaccurate subtitling and mild war crimes.