Listen to WIIM Radio: Valentines is Over Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of WIIM Radio. We've got a great show for you this week with Jeff, Kyle, and Prashanth joining me to go over all things Wings. Here's what we got into:

  • The Week that Was - The Wings went 2-1-1 over a four game stretch, losing one game to goalie magic and another to bullshit scheduling, but overall I think things leaned positively. Join us as we try to remember ever actually playing Ottawa.
  • Brendan Smith - Prashanth gave us a big rundown on how Smith is truly a good defenseman and we ran him through the ringer for it like a bunch of filthy Redditors.
  • Using the Defense Correctly - With a few guys set to come back in the near future, what should the pairings look like and how should they be deployed?
  • Prospects Report - Michelle runs us down the pipeline to get us all up-to-date on the kids in the system.
  • Reader Questions - You all started us out with a question about getting carnal with a goat and things honestly improved from there. one of our best RQ segments ever.
  • The Week Ahead - With three games coming up, we'll tell you how many the Wings will win and which game Jimmy Howard gets into.

- - -

As always, you can listen via the embedded player above or directly at our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also download all our new episodes from iTunes or Google Podcasts. If you'd like to give me a phone call, I'll set the receiver up to play the audio for you that way. Just listen.

WIIM Radio is rated R for language and goat trafficking.