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Live Updates: 2024 NHL Draft Day One

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Photo by Julian Paefgen on Unsplash

The day is finally here! The 2024 NHL Entry Draft kicks off in Las Vegas from The Sphere. We’ll be updating this article as the picks and trades come rolling in. Have fun with banter in the comments, be kind to one another!

How to Watch

Time: 7:00 PM ET
Stream: ESPN+

2024 NHL Draft Order Live Updates:

  1. San Jose Sharks – Macklin Celibrini (C) Boston Univ., NCAA
  2. Chicago Blackhawks – Artyom Levshunov (D) Michigan State, NCAA
  3. Anaheim Ducks – Beckett Sennecke (RW) Oshawa, OHL
  4. Columbus Blue Jackets – Cayden Lindstrom (C) Medicine Hat, WHL
  5. Montreal Canadiens – Ivan Demidov (RW) St. Petersburg Jr., RUS
  6. Utah Hockey Club – Tij Iginla (C) Kelowna, WHL
  7. Ottawa Senators – Carter Yakemchuk (D) Calgary, WHL
  8. Seattle Kraken – Berkly Catton (C) Spokane, WHL
  9. Calgary Flames – Zayne Parekh (D) Saginaw, OHL
  10. New Jersey Devils – Anton Silayev (D) Nizhny Novgorod, KHL
  11. San Jose Sharks (via Buffalo) – Sam Dickinson (D) London, OHL
  12. Minnesota Wild (via Philadelphia) – Zeev Buium (D) Denver, NCAA
  13. Philadelphia (via Minnesota) – Jett Luchanko (C) Guelph, OHL
  14. Buffalo Sabres (via Pittsburgh/San Jose) – Konsta Helenius (C) Jukurit, FIN
  15. Detroit Red Wings – Michael Brandsegg-Nygard (RW) MORA, SWE
  16. St. Louis Blues – Adam Jericik (D) HC Plzen, Czechia
  17. Washington Capitals – Terik Parascak (RW) St. George, WHL
  18. Chicago Blackhawks (via NYI) – Sasha Boisvert (C) Muskegon, USHL
  19. Vegas Golden Knights – Trevor Connelly (LW) Tri-City, USHL
  20. New York Islanders (via Tampa/Chicago) – Cole Eiserman (LW), USNTDP
  21. Montreal Canadiens – Michael Hage (C) Chicago, USHL
  22. Nashville Predators – Yegor Surin (C) Yaroslavl Jr., RUS
  23. Anaheim Ducks (via Toronto) – Stian Solberg (D) Valerenga, Norway
  24. Utah Hockey Club (via Colorado) – Cole Beaudoin (C) Barrie, OHL
  25. Boston Bruins (via Detroit/Ottawa) – Dean Letourneau (C) St. Andrews College
  26. Los Angeles Kings (via Montreal/Winnipeg) – Liam Greentree (RW) Windsor, OHL
  27. Chicago Blackhawks (via Carolina) – Marek Vanacker (LW) Brantford, OHL
  28. Calgary Flames (via Vancouver) – Matvei Gridin (RW) Muskegon, USHL
  29. Dallas Stars – Emil Hemming (RW) TPS, FIN
  30. New York Rangers – EJ Emery (D) USNTDP
  31. Toronto Maple Leafs -Ben Danford (D) Oshawa, OHL
  32. Edmonton Oilers (via Philly) – Sam O’Reilly (RW) London, OHL

7:09 PM ET: The Sphere is a cool venue, but putting all of the players up in tiles is crazy.
7:14 PM ET: Sharks take Celibrini. Shocker. Good news is that the NHL has successfully achieved the second-coolest Draft event in all of North American pro sports! (also, sick beard on Joe Thornton)
7:24 PM ET: Blackhawks take Artyom Levshunov out of MSU. Expected, but sad. I wanted to root for the guy! 😉
7:33 PM ET: There goes Sennecke at 3rd overall. Would have loved him at 15.
7:44 PM ET: Celine Dion is on stage.
7:47 PM ET: Well, I didn’t have Celine Deion saying Ivan Demidov’s name on national TV on my 2024 bingo card.
7:53 PM ET: Tij Iginla is a Utah…??? Is that their mascot?
8:07 PM ET: Berkly Catton was another player I would have liked at 15. Still really quiet in terms of trade activity. Kinda strange!
8:18 PM ET: Anton Silayev is a big dude.
8:23 PM ET: San Jose cashes in on the 11th pick, which it had just acquired. Some interesting names starting to trickle down…
8:31 PM ET: TRADE HORN! Philly trades pick 12 to Minnesota for pick 13 and a 3rd rd pick in 2025. Lots of build up for… that. Minnesota takes Buium, bummer he couldn’t slide to 15.
8:56 PM ET: Nicklas Lidstrom makes the pick, and of course it’s a Swede! Wings take Michael Brandsegg-Nygard with pick 15! Here are some quick facts about the newest Red Wing.
9:35 PM ET: The dream of hearing Yzerman draft Eiserman is officially dead.
9:48 PM ET: Anaheim gets pick 23 from Toronto for picks 31 and 58.
10:10 PM ET: Barring any big trades, signing off for the night. Thanks for following along with us!

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