Lucas Raymond and Elmer Soderblom are playing the WJC like a video game

I have no other way to describe it.

Team Sweden opened up its quarterfinal match against Team Finland Saturday afternoon, and it was thanks to a pair of Red Wings prospects.

Lucas Raymond dazzled with a deceiving goal that Finland’s goalie had no chance of seeing:

Raymond has been impressing all tournament long, but you’re really seeing the amount of skill he has unfold in this game. You can tell that he’s the clear number one weapon for Team Sweden. Now here’s where things get more fun.

Not long after Raymond’s goal to make it 1-0, Raymond picked up the puck and fed it to a net-fronted Elmer Soderblom, who somehow pulled off another perfect between-the-legs goal:


This isn’t the first time Elmer Soderblom as pulled this trick off.. In fact, he did it just a few games ago.

With hockey season just around the corner, we’re getting a real look at what the future holds for the Detroit Red Wings. Lucas Raymond looks like the offensive spark plug they need, and Elmer Soderblom has shown a ton of upside with his soft hands and tremendous reach. Between these two, Theodor Niederbach, and the other strides we’ve seen prospects make over the past few months, the Red Wings are in a good spot.