Nazem Kadri to have hearing with NHL for cross-checking Luke Glendening

The NHL Department of Player Safety has announced that Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri will have a hearing for cross-checking Luke Glendening on Saturday night during the Red Wings 3-2 win over Toronto.

If you missed the play, here's what happened:

This play occurred after both players had gone at one another. Glendening knocked off Kadri's helmet with a hit, and Kadri decided it would be a good idea to go after Glendening in this nature.

Kadri had just been fined for diving, so now he will face either another fine, or a suspension in some shape or form. Kadri is also considered a repeat offender, so it appears that a suspension will be in place for the Leafs forward. The tanking Leafs are trying to get themselves into a better position to draft first overall, so perhaps a suspension to their top center could help them in those efforts. Regardless, Nazem Kadri continues to be a questionably dirty player.