Mike Green Traded to Oilers for Kyle Brodziak’s Contract, Conditional Pick

Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman made a classic late-night move on the eve of the NHL’s trade deadline by moving defenseman Mike Green to the Edmonton Oilers.

The conditional pick is for a 4th rounder in 2020, which would become a 2021 3rd if Edmonton makes it to the Western Conference Finals and Green plays in at least 50% of the games. While the second condition isn’t all that unreasonable (though Green’s injury history hasn’t been great lately), it’s the first that will really make Red Wings fans groan. #HereComeTheOilers

LeBrun also reports that the Red Wings have retained 50% of Green’s salary in the deal:

Including Kyle Brodziak in the deal is a salary dump for the Oilers, as the 35-year-old center hasn’t played an NHL game since March 30, 2019. He had signed a two-year, $2.3M deal with Edmonton in the summer of 2018, but officially called it a career this past September, citing a degenerative back injury that would prevent him from ever playing at the professional level again.

So the first skate has dropped. Kinda wild to think that the Red Wings got a higher draft pick for Nick Jensen a year ago, but that just speaks to the kind of season this team is having and the effects it has on trade value.

Farewell, Mike Green.