Milan Lucic Is Pure Unadulterated Human Filth

More like Milan BLOOBLOOBLOOcic, am I right?

No one likes a sore loser, right? Right. They're annoying. They suck. Milan Lucic took the term "sore loser" to a whole new level last night after the Boston Bruins were eliminated in pretty much dominant fashion by the Montreal Canadiens. Now, I say sore loser.. But in actuality he pretty much went a step too far. Yeah, the guy who speared Danny DeKeyser right in the nards... Here, let me show you:

See that? Pretty hilarious to see a person so befuddled over losing, that he is now spitting out verbal threats on other player's lives. I would say that I'm surprised Lucic is acting like a mutated piece of shit, but I'm not. It's totally up his alley to accomplish the total role of a complete neanderthal. I've always known him to be a shit-bag, but the 2014 NHL Playoffs have pushed him onto a planet of his own. A planet where all they do is eat garbage and cry about everything. Hey, remember when he got in a bar fight in Vancouver?

Seriously, what is it with this guy? What inside of his cavernous skull makes him do stupid shit like this? The thing is, Milan is actually a pretty gifted hockey player. I'll be the first one to say it, he earns his paycheck. He plays very well most of the time. But more often than not, he's acting like a complete seething bag of elephant shit. Okay, yeah I get it. He was coming off a pretty tough game seven elimination and his emotions were running high. Listen, this dude gets paid $6,000,000 a year to play professional hockey. Act like a professional, shake the dudes hand, walk down the runway and suck it up. You didn't see Danny DeKeyser stare Lucic in the eyes during the handshakes after Boston eliminated Detroit and say "I'm going to murder you next year." Why? Because Danny DeKeyser isn't a brainless fuck-bag. Milan has a "Not Cool to Bully In School" campaign, and I think that's great. What he does off the ice in that aspect is pretty respectable. Good for him.. But that's not what I'm grilling him about. On the ice, Milan Lucic is a scourge to the NHL.

"What's said on the ice stays on the ice, if he wants to be a baby about it then that's his choice"

That's a paraphrased quote, but those words came out of Lucic's mouth (on national television) about Dale Weise. Weise decided to speak-up to the media about Lucic's threats towards him and Alexei Emelin. The guy throwing out verbal threats had the blatant audacity to call the other person a baby because he spoke to the press about it. Was it wrong of Weise to do that? Hell no. Fuck Milan Lucic. He's a player who has consistently tried to hurt other players for years now. He deserves it. I hope it bites him in the ass down the road. So what if he "told on you?" It's well-deserved, you dimwitted simp.

Boston fans will defend Lucic, and I understand. He's your player, and that's just what you do. But guess what? Nothing you say in his defense will lift the shroud of shit that Milan Lucic wears. Will he ever change? No. He'll stay this way forever. Thankfully for Montreal, we don't have to watch this idiot play until September. Have a good summer, Milan. The only thing you'll be able to harm is a box of golf balls.