Morning Skate: Flyers at Red Wings

8:00p ET, Joe Louis Arena

Detroit, MI


Radio: 97.1 FM The Ticket // 1270 AM CBS Sports Radio

Flyers Blog: Broad Street Hockey

We all know tonight's game is a "must-win", and not a "must-win" in the "if we don't win I'm going to complain but we can recover" way but a "must-win" in the "I will burn down the universe and everything in it if we don't win" kind of way. Last night we were depending on Carolina to take care of Boston for us, and they partially succeeded, but tonight our fate is in our hands. Win tonight, then beat Boston. No problem right?

The Flyers have been fighting hard to make the playoffs, and don't expect them to slow down now. We have a real problem finding 60 minutes of effort, and a real problem making the third period entirely too dramatic. Sometimes we play like the real Red Wings and then the next period we'll kind of flail around on the ice and look like me when I can't quite reach my controller and just stare at the "Are you still watching Bob's Burgers?" Netflix screen for two hours.

The good news is, we're playing this game at home which gives us a better chance of skating away with a point or two. We've been pretty good at home since the All Star break. The bad news is, despite our uptick in offense, we are paying for it in terrible turnovers (stop it Ericsson) and shaky goaltending. If I consider the possibility that we could be seeing one of the final games of Pavel's NHL career I'll have a stroke, so not going there. For some reason I can't explain, the powerplay is working so I've got no complaints there but reserve the right to complain on Twitter later.

Not much in Flyers news, but they are considering the return of Andrew MacDonald to the lineup, so expect that decision later today if it hasn't shown up on Twitter already.

Overall, I'm feeling strangely optimistic about this game, but that could be because I just saw Justin Verlander hit a single.

We need these points, so let's get to it.



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