Morning Skate: Red Wings at Capitals, Preview, How to Watch

Time: 7 PM Eastern
Place: Capital One Arena, Washington, DC
TV: FS Detroit
Radio: 97.1 FM The Ticket  //  1270 AM
Caps’ Blog: Japers’ Rink

Tuesday’s game against the Canes was kind of like watching Mufasa’s death scene in the Lion King; yeah, Mufasa was good and beat by Scar, but you know what really, in the end, did Mufasa in? It wasn’t Scar. It was the rampaging water buffalo. But the Red Wings are also like Simba in this analogy, going into exile to learn and mature before returning to face the darkness that has settled over the land, and also Larkin is kind of like Simba and Bertuzzi and Mantha are Timon and Pumba, respectively, or maybe it’s the other way around and clearly this metaphor was not built to last.

Maybe next time we will try a Star Wars metaphor. Or better yet, a Star Trek metaphor. At any rate, the Capitals are the bad guys, and the Wings are headed into their lair, trapped until the timer runs out, like the Capital One Arena is Nakatomi Plaza and the Red Wings lost their shoes and just walked across broken glass.

You know what? Walking across broken glass might be the most apt metaphor for this season as a fan experience. Yipee-ki-yay your hardest during this one, folks; the NBA suspended their season last night. The NHL may soon do the same.