NHL Announces 3v3 Overtime Expanded Preseason Look

The NHL has announced a schedule for an expanded look at 3v3 overtime during the 2015 preseason:

The National Hockey League has designated 45 games on its upcoming 2015 preseason schedule in which the participating teams will play a five-minute, sudden-death overtime period using the new '3-on-3' format -- regardless of the score at the end of regulation time. The overtime period will be played with each team at 3-on-3 manpower (plus goaltender).

This preseason mandate will provide all participants -- players, coaches, management and on-ice officials -- an expanded opportunity to test the new format in advance of its introduction to regular-season play when the 2015-16 NHL season opens on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Preseason games tied at the end of regulation will use the same extra-time procedure as during the regular season -- a five-minute, sudden-death overtime period using the new 3-on-3 format, followed, if still tied, by a shootout.

Here is a look at the games the Red Wings will be participating in the new sudden-death format:

Tuesday, September 22nd - at Chicago, 8:00 pm ET

Thursday, September 24th - vs Pittsburgh, 7:30 pm ET

Saturday, October 2nd - at Toronto, 7:30 pm ET


This will give fans a better look at the 3v3 format, and hopefully act as a efficient display of how it will change the way games are being decided. The idea is to eliminate the number games that are decided by shootout. With a 3v3 format, there's going to be a more exciting product of hockey. Essentially you will have two forwards, and one defenseman. This opens up way more chances for odd-man rushes, and exciting scoring chances.

Now, the question must be asked... Who is your ideal three-man lineup for the new overtime formatting?