NHL Open Thread: April 10th

Bask in it tonight, folks. I'm not putting up a silly drawn-on picture of tonight's schedule (but here's a link). You know why?

Because we don't have to care tonight.

  • Washington at Carolina? Cool. Maybe the Canes will be tired tomorrow. It's nice that we don't have to root for them tonight.
  • New Jersey at Ottawa? Well okey dokey. You kids have fun. Me? Heck, I might watch if I pick anything up on the airwaves tonight that tells me that there's something interesting happening in this game. Personally? I'm not counting on that.
  • We can't catch Tampa and I'm not worried about whether or not Philly falls out of a guaranteed spot into a Wild Card seed.
  • Buffalo versus the Rangers? No siree. Isles vs. Habs? Le pass. Boston at Winnipeg? Nawt on yer fackin' life.

So what am I watching tonight? Hell, I don't know. I'll probably be on the Caps/Canes game early because that's the only one of the 7:00 start times that looks interesting. When 7:30 hits, I've got to tell you honestly that I think I'm going to watch the Leafs and Panthers. That won't be a pretty game, but the collapse of Toronto is something I can't look away from. If the Sunrise Cats take them down tonight? Hoo boy. I wonder if Carlyle even makes it back north.

Then at 8... well there's still a race out West and Phoenix is in it. They should be playing desperate against the Preds (who are eliminated already - hahahaha). Phoenix has a game in hand and is two points behind Dallas. They can't win the tiebreaker so they need all the points and to get a bit of help. Honestly, I'd be lying a little if I didn't say part of the reason I'm going to watch that game is to see Jarnkrok. I don't know why I do this to myself.

There's 11 total games tonight. First one starts at 7 and the last one ends sometime around 12:30. The best part about all of this? I can just enjoy it without worrying about whether or not one of these other stupid teams is going to cost the Wings a playoff spot.

Feels good.