NHL Players love Pavel Datsyuk

The Red Wings say goodbye to the 2015-2016 season, and possibly one of the best players in the club's history.

This post isn't meant to be a breakdown, or an analysis. The comments are not to shellack the team, or the organization. This is solely centered around the number 13. The Magic Man. Pasha. Pav. That is all.

Credit to Pavel Barber2 for putting this video together. Go subscribe to their YouTube channel.

It's been real. I hope to see Pavel back for another season, but this really hurts. A lot.

I grew up watching Pavel Datsyuk. I was inspired by him after watching the Russian Five. The way he played the game was symphonic. A true maestro of puck-handling and two-way play. Bar-none, one of the best Red Wings players of all-time. Thank you, Pavel. I hate to say goodbye like this, so let's hope it isn't goodbye. If it is, then thank you for doing what you did. You made the game beautiful.