NHL Playoffs Open Thread: Friday the 2nd

SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

After last night's fun two-overtime game that saw the Canadiens blow a two-goal lead and then win it on PK Subban's 2nd goal of the night, we kick off two more 2nd Round playoff series tonight.

FRIDAY MAY 2, 2014

7:00 PM ET
9:30 PM ET

The Rangers will get very little rest, as they play in Pittsburgh tonight just two days after game seven of the first round and then will face games 2 and 3 on back-to-back nights Sunday and Monday. Pittsburgh has a bit more rest after dispatching the Blue Jackets in six games. Thinking on this series, it may just be the Rangers I don't care about. I didn't care about their last series and I care the least about this one out of all the 2nd-rounders. I'll be watching just for Marc-Andre Fleury though. That guy's a lot of fun.

Minnesota, fresh off suffocating the Avalanche in round 1 face an actual good hockey team in the playoffs for the first time this year. I'm interested to see how they fare. There's a decently good chance that a combination of adrenaline and the Hawks perhaps being a bit rusty/overconfident gives them an edge tonight. We'll see how much killer instinct the Hawks have.