NHL Playoffs Open Thread: Saturday May 10

How YOU doin'?

SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

The NHL decided it would probably be best to get your Mother's Day plans in on Saturday afternoon or something, because there weren't any afternoon games today.


Matt Fraser got called up from Providence and scored what would be the game's only goal in Game 4 in overtime. The Canadiens kept the rest of the Boston lineup in check only to have him score. That goal turned a best-of-7 into a best-of-3, which begins tonight about an hour away from the exact location in a different city where I'm typing this.

The Anaheim Ducks apparently needed to leave their city and go into another one before they could beat the Los Angeles Kings in the playoffs. Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen left Game 3 with an injury, and Jonas Hiller, big jerk that he is, decided to give up a goal to Mike Richards with 30 seconds left so Hiller would be the goalie of record. Andersen apparently is still dinged up badly enough because

The comedy won't end if Gibson gets the start over Hiller just because Bruce Boudreau thinks Hiller playing in a building near his team's city (but not in his team's city) has any effect on his goaltending ability. The hilarity will continue if the Kings demolish said goalie who isn't Jonas Hiller. I like when hockey is funny.

There's also Griffins hockey on tonight. The Griffins look to rebound from a less-than-ideal start to their series against Texas. The puck drops at 8:00pm there.

Tonight's non-hockey topic: What is the world going to find out about you when a privately recorded conversation is released for public consumption?