NHL Playoffs: Petr Mrazek Named Red Wings Starter for Game One Against Lightning

We've all been waiting patiently, or impatiently, whatever you want to call yourself. Waiting to hear who Detroit's starting goaltender will be to start the playoffs. We got out answer today.

There you have it, Petr Mrazek is the guy. Will it stick? It wholly depends on his performance. I imagine Mike Babcock will give Mrazek a somewhat short leash, and yank him he needs to. If you ask me, that's an awful lot of pressure to put on such a young goalie, but I think we all saw this coming. Petr Mrazek has a career record of 1-2-0, with a 2.64 GAA, and .896 save percentage against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Petr Mrazek closed out the season with a dominate shutout win over the Carolina Hurricanes, so I have to imagine Babcock is just riding his hot-hand right now, as he should. I have high hopes for Mrazek, and truly hope that he can help lift this team to a deep run. If he slips, Jimmy will be ready. He had a good first round last year, but the team just couldn't put up the scoring against Boston, who isn't in the playoffs this season. Still funny. You can check out our analysis of who should start in these articles:

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How do you feel, Red Wings faithful?

Did Babcock make the right call with starting Petr Mrazek in the playoffs?

I don't think so.127