NHL Playoffs Scoreboard Watch: Feeding Frenzy

The San Jose Sharks look to take one last bite out of the St. Louis Blues to secure their place in the Stanley Cup Final.

IT'S A F-F-F-FEEDING FRENZY! After the way Game 5 between the Sharks and Blues closed out, with the Sharks going to town on the scoresheet in the 3rd, Game 6 has "blood in the water" written all over it for San Jose fans. That team is so close they can smell the Stanley Cup Final, and the potential meal that could be either penguin or fish-face served up in a silver bowl. But first...


Look, I'm not going to go so far as to say that Tampa Bay got jobbed by the refs last night. In any series, you have to play well enough to take questionable calls out of the equation, and the Lightning did not do that. The Penguins took full advantage, though, and came up with a big win to head back home for Game 7. From getting a goal called back for off-sides, to a questionable interference call that eventually became a 5-on-3 favoring Pitt, to not challenging a late Penguins goal, Tampa Bay just never seemed to be able to get a foothold in this game. After going down 2-0, the Bolts just seemed deflated. They played better in the 3rd, attempting to mount a comeback, but it was still the 40 minutes previous that were a problem. Neither team will be able to afford a slow period in Game 7.


St. Louis Blues at San Jose Sharks (Game 6), 9:00PM EDT - NBCSN

As parity continues to take hold in the NHL, these long series are bound to become more common. The St. Louis Blues know all about that this year, as they hope to push their third series of the post-season to 7 games with a win tonight. To do that, they'll have to pull something amazing off on the ice as San Jose has overall looked to be the better team in this match-up. In Game 5, the Sharks stepped up in the 3rd to pull away with a 6-3 victory and a 3-2 series lead. With the exception of Game 4, San Jose has looked every bit like a Cup contender. Tonight, they can prove it.

Why You Care Enough To Watch: San Jose looks exactly like what you want a Cup Champion to be. Those guys are having a lot of fun every night. They've got a few hungry vets, some sharp kids, a hot goalie, and a great story-line. They score pretty goals and gritty goals, and seem to have the big teal machine clicking at the right time. These are uncharted waters for a San Jose squad who has never been to the Stanley Cup Final, and it's obvious this group believes it's their year to hoist the greatest trophy of all. It will be sad for Blues fans if they drop tonight's game, no doubt, but outside of that city everyone should be backing the Sharks. Besides, wouldn't it be nice to have a team to root FOR in the Finals, instead of just backing the lesser of two evils?

Who comes away with the win tonight?

Blues - 1 MORE GAME 7!40