NHL Playoffs Scoreboard Watch: Shark Stank

After shredding the Blues in a 4-0 victory in Game 2, can San Jose build on that momentum for Game 3?

As we inch closer and closer to the Stanley Cup Finals, the picture gets a little bit clearer as to who we might see matching up in hockey's ultimate show-down. Not that Red Wings fans will necessarily LIKE who's in that match-up, but at least we will know. Kind of like knowing that the smell under your sink is the rotting remains of a really great meal from 4 nights ago, this year's playoffs and finals bring echoes of wonderful Wings memories only to give way to the realization that the organization is carrying too much garbage. At least management did a little clean-up today...


One thing I forgot yesterday - Penguins' favorite food is fish-face (hot-dogs are a close second). After almost 2 scoreless periods, Carl Hagelin managed to break this game open with a goal 10 seconds before 2nd intermission. As the third period began, Pittsburgh carried all the momentum as they got goals from Kunitz, Crosby, and Kessel. Tampa Bay could only get 2 goals on the board, meaning the Penguins came away with a 4-2 victory and a 2-1 series lead. If the Pens can hunker down and take Game 4, I'd wager that the Lightning get a taste of their own medicine and are golfing after Game 5. Stamkos' blood clots may end up being the difference-maker in this series.


St. Louis Blues at San Jose Sharks (Game 3), 9:00PM EDT - NBCSN

Two nights ago, San Jose smelled blood in the water and absolutely ripped up the scoresheet in a 4-0 road win. The game itself though was closer than the score indicates, as the Blues were really only a few bounces away from being right in the thick of it. Tonight, the series shifts out to California for Game 3. The Sharks will be looking to build momentum, while the Blues hope to regain their footing. The San Jose Powerplay has been about as deadly as a Great White, going 25% so far this round, 38% in Round 2, and 24% in Round 1. St. Louis will need to keep this game at even strength if they hope to have a chance in this one.

Why You Care Enough To Watch: If you're Pat Ferschweiler, you should watch and take notes on the Sharks' Powerplay just in case you ever get back behind the bench again instead of being designated as Jonathan Ericsson's personal press-box bartender. For everyone else, play the Western Conference Finals drinking game while you drown your sorrows that the Red Wings are still done until September. Take a drink every time the announcers mention how one team or the other have never won the Stanley Cup, or when an announcer makes up his own word. Give two drinks every time the team you're supporting in this series scores, and finish your drink every time the announcers mention the Eastern Conference Finals, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Tampa Bay Lightning, or any of their players or staff. For 2-8 players, age 21+. Always play responsibly.

Who wins tonight's game?

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