Quick Hits: Pavel Datsyuk Expected To Miss Start of Season, Red Wings Prospect Talk, No NHL Team in Seattle Anytime Soon

Red Wings News:

Red Wings' Pavel Datsyuk could be sidelined by ankle surgery longer than originally believed | MLive.com

Pavel Datsyuk will miss the start of the 2015-2016 season. This should come to no surprise, because we have been anticipating it for some time. Still, this really sucks.

Dylan Larkin tops Red Wings prospects watch, Anthony Mantha down to No. 4, say MLive readers | MLive.com

Red Wings prospect banter over at MLive. These are rankings according to their readers and commenters, so take it with the slightest grain of salt. I'm not sure I agree with Anthony Mantha being the number four prospect in our system. Seems like somewhat of a stretch.

Detroit Red Wings expect defenseman de Haas to take next step | Detroit Free Press

James de Haas has come into each and every camp since being drafted and has done a bang-up job. The soon-to-be junior at Clarkson looks to develop his game, and the organization seems to be very high on this kid. Keep an eye on him.

Detroit Red Wings prospect Mike McKee still has work to do at WMU | Detroit Free Press

NHL News:

Seattle, Bellevue groups won’t apply for NHL expansion franchise before deadline | The Seattle Times

Looks like we won't be seeing an NHL team in Seattle anytime soon. Bummer, because I think that would be a whole lot of fun.

Ex-NHL star Bernie Nicholls: 'I have a hard time remembering games | CBSSports.com

For those of you who are interested in past NHL concussions, Bernie Nicholls writes some heavy stuff about how bad it was, and continues to be on his life.

Wolves Factory Produces Most NHL Talent In the CHL | Northernlife.ca

For you draft and scouting nuts like myself, this is a fun read. The OHL's Sudbury Wolves turnover the most NHL talent compared to other teams.

NHL.com blasts Taylor Hall, suggests Evgeny Kuznetsov is a better player. | Edmonton Journal

A ridiculous concept, but a fun read. Not a huge fan of Staples, but NHL.com saying that Evgeny Kuznetsov is better than Taylor Hall is pretty ridiculous.