NHL Scoreboard Watch Open Thread: April 6th

We're one week away from the end of the regular season and the Wings haven't clinched a playoff berth. They had a chance to help that cause last night but couldn't get the job done. According to Sports Club Stats today, the Wings still have a 90.6% chance of making the postseason. Here's where it stands:

Team Points Games Remaining Maximum Points Attainable Playoff Chances
Detroit Red Wings 88 BUF, PIT, CAR, STL 96 90.6
Columbus Blue Jackets 85 NYI, PHX, DAl, TBL, FLA 95 78.7
New Jersey Devils 84 CGY, OTT, NYI, BOS 92 29.1
Toronto Maple Leafs 84 TBL, FLA, OTT 90 2.7
Washington Capitals 83 STL, CAR, CHI, TBL 91 2.6

So the Wings can lock out the rest of the pack by earning five out of a possible eight points, guaranteeing themselves at least the 2nd Wild Card spot. If they get only four points, they need New Jersey to waste one against three bad teams and a very good one that's probably going to take the last day of the season off. If New Jersey doesn't waste any points, then Detroit would need all four of those Devils wins to come in the shootout and for both of their own wins to be ROWs.

Here's today's schedule:


  • The Isles find themselves on the schedule again against a team we want to lose. I've watched more Isles games this year than Charles Wang and to be honest, I probably like them more than he does at this point. I'm sure that when they turn it around and get good enough I'll drop the insulting paternalistic like I have for the NHL's last "true dynasty", but I'm going to enjoy liking them for another week. I want Columbus to lose so we can get the top Wild Card spot, but honestly when comparing them to the competition, I'm probably most ok with the Jackets making the playoffs over the rest of the teams (although I'd make peace with New Jersey getting the honor of being smoked by Boston in the first round). There's something funny to me about both Western Conference teams moving over and kicking two EC clubs out of their own playoffs just one season into realignment.
  • Dallas has an 86% chance of making the playoffs, which would mean that Phoenix, Nashville, and Vancouver all miss. This is very easy to root for. Plus, the Panthers gave Detroit a lot of trouble, so I want them to lose a lot because I'm petty and vindictive.
  • Buffalo and Philadelphia could go either way. I want whatever happens (short of injuries of course) to help lead to a Buffalo loss on Tuesday. The Flyers are going to make the playoffs and there's nothing we can do about that. It would be hilarious if they missed, but that won't happen.
  • Colorado is going to finish ahead of Chicago in the standings. They're three points up and have a game in hand against the Hawks. That's insane. They're a house of cards this year, but if Kane and Toews aren't healthy for the first round, we're looking at a 2nd round matchup that will guarantee either St. Louis or Colorado makes the Western Conference Finals. That's gross. I hope tonight's game ends up with Dan Bylsma choke-slamming Patrick Roy.
  • Anaheim is going to win the Pacific and nothing that happens in tonight's game against Edmonton is going to prevent that. I'm rooting for the Oilers on principle.