NHL Scoreboard Watch: Open Thread for April 3

Just two games on the Playoff Chase Radar tonight.


Just for fun, I highlighted the channels I'm going to be watching those games on. I'm a glutton for punishment, so the Fox Sports Ohio crew fits that bill. On the other side, not only will the NESN feed likely be the only one I get in hi-def on DirecTV Center Ice, but I love me some biased Jack Edwards commentary, especially when he's flipping shit at teams like the Leafs.

In case you haven't been in the Quick Hits posts the last few days, our own Nickname1234 has been keeping a spreadsheet on the playoff race. Here's how it looks right now.


  • You can see at this point there's not much good to be gleaned from rooting against Carolina. Put simply, if they catch the Wings, then Detroit deserves their fate. I'm rooting for Dallas anyway, but this isn't a game I'm going to be watching closely.
  • Toronto going down might completely end their chances. I hope Boston is good & angry about last night and ready to take it out on the Leafs.
  • At this point, the reason to root against Columbus is for seeding only. I don't care if they make the playoffs or somebody else in their place as long as Detroit gets in. What I do care about is earning the 7-seed. It's looking a bit far ahead and getting into dangerous "careful what you wish for" territory, but I think escaping into the Metropolitan for the first two rounds might be more beneficial to Detroit.
  • I highlighted Buffalo over St. Louis because I want the Sabres to beat Ryan Miller. It's not even that I don't like Miller; the fact is I do. I just don't like the Blues and I think it's funny when a franchise that traded away their cornerstone goalie whups him. Nothing personal.
  • It would be nice for Calgary to beat Tampa. We're six points back of both the Bolts and Habs with seven games remaining. Likelihood of catching up is slim, but if there's a chance, I'm going to pull for it. If that means rooting for Jiri Hudler over Valtteri Filppula, then all the better.
  • Minnesota and Chicago is going to be a RIVALRY NIGHT battle of two fanbases that should shut the hell up.
  • Pittsburgh/Winnipzzzzz......
  • It's nice that I don't have to root for Colorado to win a game, but honestly at this point, I care so little about this matchup that I'm just going to be happy about the loss to whichever team suffers it. This is how my hockey hate works.
  • Los Angeles vs. San Jose is a potential preview matchup of the realignment-mandated state of California playoff cannibalism that's going to be happening for the next ten years. Say what you will about some of the goofier quirks of the new playoff system, but the near-requirement that a California team go out in the first round will be fun.

So what are you watching?