Nick Kypreos Weighs on What Went Wrong With Dion Phaneuf to Detroit Rumors

Nick Kypreos weighs in on what went wrong with Phaneuf trade talks between Maple Leafs and Red Wings

One of the biggest rumors coming out of the mill today was that Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf was being speculated as a potential trade target for the Detroit Red Wings. As the day went on, conflicting reports kept indicating that Detroit was highly interested in acquiring him, but disinterested in loading his colossal $7 million AAV cap-hit.

At first, Toronto was going to retain salary, then reports said they weren't, then it went back to stating that they would. It was a very wishy-washy situation, and there wasn't really anything concrete between both Nonis and Holland. I'm sure that they spoke a lot about making a deal, but at the end of the day, Ken Holland was not about to deal up top-tier prospects for Dion Phaneuf, and he certainly was not about to chain himself to an even worse contract than that of Stephen Weiss.

The only team he had on the list that was manageable to move to was the Detroit Red Wings. I think they could have had a deal done today, but with money-in and money-out, the price was too high. I think the thing was, the player that the Leafs wanted was Anthony Mantha, and that was not happening.

Kypreos then went on a tear with Mike Johnson about how "money-in, money-out" makes sense when adding players like Stephen Weiss and Jakub Kindl.

It’s a three-year commitment to Weiss, as opposed to a six-year. To me, I would have made that trade. Does that not make sense?

Watch the video here:

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Bullet dodged, I think. I will walk backwards into hell before I deal up a player like Anthony Mantha for Dion Phaneuf, even if Toronto was retaining $2 million+ worth of salary.

Bullet dodged?

Yes. A million times yes.1671
I think it would have been worth it.148