Nine Hastily-Drawn Red Wings Jerseys No Worse than What We've Seen Today

By now, you've likely already seen the artwork for what the Red Wings Stadium Series jerseys against the Avalanche are going to look like. Just in case you need a reminder, here you go:

While there's a little bit of hope that it's not going to look EXACTLY like that, since Sportslogos describes their art as a creation based on a transcription of the design, we can be pretty sure that they're not going to look drastically different from the awful jersey you see above.

With that in mind, I didn't want to just complain without offering solutions. Since my solution of "just use regular jerseys for that game because the Wings' regular jerseys are freaking awesome" isn't going to be heard by a team looking at the moneymaking potential of having a limited edition sale, I figured I'd come up with new limited-edition designs that are at least as good as the Wingedd Crossing Guard design:

So there you go, nine other jerseys I'd be just as likely to buy as the one above. If you have your own design that's clearly no worse than these, feel free to share in the comments. Thanks and LGRW!