Supplemental Discipline for David Legwand after Spearing Evgeni Malkin - $5,000 Fine

After last night's thrilling victory, the question on everybody's minds would be whether David Legwand would receive supplemental discipline for spearing Pittsburgh's Evgeni Malkin in the groin late in the third period. You can see the spear here, courtesy of @myregularface.

Legwand was given a five-minute major and a game misconduct. The Wings were able to kill off this penalty and win the game with 0.4 seconds left in overtime, but the penalty could have been extremely costly for a team that still finds itself on the outside of the playoff picture after last night's victory. Losing another center to a suspension going into this weekend's games against the Wild would have further damaged that. Fortunately, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Seth Rorabaugh has this for us.

So there we go. The play was certainly dirty and was absolutely malicious. What Legwand did warranted his ejection. Now we know that as long as the refs get the ejection call right, it doesn't warrant supplemental discipline.

Still no word about whether James Neal will face any supplemental discipline for cross checking Luke Glendening in the head last night. Neal is a repeat offender with a habit of finding ways to try and headshot guys, so he might not get off so easy.

While we're at it: