Nothing to be thankful for: Battered Wings lose 6-0 to the Leafs and keep the streak alive

Jimmy was injured ten minutes in and a (ooo-ah-ah-ah-ah) down with the sickness Bernier heroically did his best

Pregame note: Ozzy has another Keats face tie. I love how every year on the broadcast he’s relaxed more and had more fun. Especially when the team is not as fun :)

Happy 20th birthday Filip Zadina!

Jimmy wasn’t expecting to be in net but Bernier is sick so he gets the nod.

First Period

We are off to an incredible start as the Leafs score one minute into the period. But to be clear, this is in no way Jimmy’s fault. It went in off Ericsson’s skate. Ericsson 1 - Red Wings 0.

Zadina, Filppula, and AA on a line together. Two snipers and a passer. Just something to note instead of noticing that THE DAMN LEAFS SCORED AGAIN. Less than 3 minutes in and it’s 2-0 Leafs. It was a deflection off two Wings players, another one where Jimmy would have had to luck into a save. Luck is not our forte.

Nielsen has a great chance, you can guess what happened. Hint, it was nothing!

Five minutes in and shots are 6-1 Leafs.  Wings are starting to pick it up a bit and getting some shots set up, momentum starting to even out. Hronek has an excellent attempt off a Fabbri set up, love to see him winding up and blasting bombs.

Jimmy Howard makes a save and he’s hurt. Tavares scores on him a few seconds later, that’s rude. 3-0 Leafs and Jimmy is really hurt, he’s heavily limping down the tunnel and Bernier is sick and not on the bench. We have no goalie.


Helm goes down the tunnel, what is he up to?

Wait for it....

BERNIER IS IN! We have an emergency third goaltender getting dressed, whose last name is BLOCK. If we’re losing 5-0 I think Bernier will get to go back to bed. When FSD zooms in on Bernier ooooof he really looks as awful as he’s feeling.


Here’s the good news, we get to the end of the first period without letting in another goal!

But how long will Bernier hold up? No one is doubting is heart, hustle, or GRIT but the microbes...

Second Period

Here’s the good news:


Here’s the bad news: It’s 4-0 Leafs one minute in.

The puck enters the net, but so does Nylander. It’s hard to tell if the puck was kicked it, if he was kicked in, if a Red Wings player was involved. In any case, it is now 5-0 Leafs at 16:23. Shots are 24-14.

There is a moral victory to be won here, and that is to score at least one goal.

Wings penalty kill time! Bernier making some saves as graceful as a potato, and really it’s not on goaltending that Tronna has 26 shots at 13:13 and is on a powerplay. It’s now 6-0.

We get through the rest of the period with nothing much happening but Tronna adding to their shot total. AA has an almost breakaway but yeah he doesn’t score. Bernier’s insides have probably fully liquefied and his face is almost as pale as the ice.

Player of the game is Bernier, no matter what else happens. He is getting no help and as Ozzy said him only letting in three goals this period was basically a miracle. The poor guy really deserves to have a team in front of him that is doing their jobs.

It’s 6-0.

Third Period

Bernier is hanging in there. Shots are 44-19 Tronna. Here come the Red Wings!!!!

Tronna should get called for a penalty because they are still trying to score, it’s unsportsmanlike conduct.

This happened and it was kind of funny since it did not lead to a goal against. I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel to find some levity for you my friends.

Hronek takes a bouncing puck to the jaw, he’s wincing and being checked out on the bench but doesn’t look like any teeth fell out. Hopefully #BeardPower will heal him quickly.

BERNIER MAKES A HUGE SAVE! Give that man first star of the game for GRIT.

Shot count hits 50.

Hang in there everyone - mostly Bernier - still 7 minutes to go. Would be a great time for a “we have a little bit of pride and skill” kind of goal from the Wings.

Mickey Redmond gives stick taps to the Wings fans for not booing.

Leafs had 54 shots on goal.

Wings lose 6-0 and Bernier is a tragic hero.