Open Thread Day 15: The Band Plays On

Five games today, three have a chance to put themselves one game from winning the series and there is one with a chance at a sweep.  It has been a wild and unpredictable round of hockey so far and it is unlikely to stop now.

Here’s what’s on tap for today’s games. We’ll use this as an open thread for today’s games.

Washington Capitals (3)at New York Islanders (6)

Scotiabank Arena, Toronto

Best of 7: New York leads 2-0

Time: 12:00 pm ET


Team Sites: Jasper’s Rink, Lighthouse Hockey

Washington has struggled to find consistency against the Islanders and their former coach. The Capitals are a resilient team who has shown they can come back in a series before, but they are going to have to find some ways to get some ugly goals from guys not named Alex Ovechkin or T.J. Oshie and/or Braden Holtby to steal them a game to get going against an Islanders team that is growing in confidence ever period.

Dallas Stars (3) at Calgary Flames (6)

Rogers Place, Edmonton

Best of 7: Calgary leads 2-1

Time: 2:00 pm ET


Team Sites: Matchsticks & Gasoline, Defending Big D

The back and forth series swung back into Calgary’s favor in game three as they shutout Dallas 2-0. Both teams have had moments of inspired play as well as moments of wtf hockey. It will be interesting to watch today to see if Dallas can return serve back to Calgary or will the Flames find some consistency from last game and put themselves within one win of advancing to the next round.

Vegas Golden Knights (1) at Chicago Blackhawks (8)

Rogers Place, Edmonton

Best of 7: Vegas leads 3-0

Time: 6:30pm ET


Team Sites: Second City Hockey, Kinghts on Ice

There is not much to say here that has not been said the past three games.  Chicago has young talent and they got father than  probably anyone outside of Blackhawks fans expected,  but in the end Vegas is just too deep and talented a team.  The Golden Knights will look to finish off the sweep today and get an extended rest before the next round.

Philadelphia Flyers (1) at Montreal Canadiens (8)

Scotiabank Arena, Toronto

Best of 7: Series tied 1-1

Time: 3:00pmET


Team Sites: Broad Street Hockey , Habs Eyes on the Prize

The Canadiens needed to find another gear in game two and boy did they. Carey Price looked like vintage Carey Price and the Flyers looked beatable for the first time since the restart. How will they react to their first less than quality game? Can Philadelphia shake off the loss and regain the form that has made them a sneaky good team all season or will Carey Price and the Canadiens continue to work their mystical magic.

St. Louis Blues (4) at Vancouver Canucks (5)

Rogers Place, Edmonton

Best of 7: Vancouver leads 2-0

Time: 6:30 pm ET


Team Sites: St. Louis Game Time, Nucks Misconduct

St. Louis has looked like anything but the defending Cup champs in the first two games. Vancouver has been faster, more decisive, more creative and flat out better in pretty much every aspect. They were far from perfect in their run last season but something feels off with the Blues this time around. Of course it could simply be that the young Canucks are just too much for the slower, more physical Blues to handle. Either way this is very likely a make or break game for the series. Either St. Louis wins and starts to climb back into it or Vancouver wins and all but guarantees a new Cup champion.