‘Patience’ was Preached. But Action is Needed

I understand we are only 10 games in. I understand that this is a rebuild. I understand that Stevie wants us to be patient. But what I won’t understand, nor should any fan, is a team that clearly is disinterested, giving up and only getting worse. Yes, the Red Wings aren’t the most talented team in the NHL, not even close, but everyone is struggling the last six. From Larkin to Bowey and everyone in between. Something needs to change. Anything needs to change. However, that change is obvious. Jeff Blashill needs to be fired.

Most of us felt he would be gone after the year anyways now that Stevie is here, but I’m not sure we can wait that long anymore. All this year will do is kill any progress made from the youngsters currently on the Wings, and could damage their confidence going forward. Losing this badly night in, night out, does nothing but negatively effect this rebuild. Every year under Jeff Blashill has gotten worse, and this year is no different. This could be by far the worst Red Wings team since the dreaded 1985-86 campaign. I know we’re only 1/8th of the way through the year, but being on pace for 48 points, tank or not, is simply unacceptable.

I’m team tank, I have been the last three years now. Despite that, I cheer for the kids. I want progression. I want their point totals to increase every year. I want to see all of them play 20+ minutes as long as they are putting in effort and we are seeing progress from all of them. To me it seems like none of them care at this moment and I put that directly on Blashill. He has been the coach since the kids` rookie years and it’s just getting worse under him. They clearly don’t respond or listen anymore. You can’t lose 5-2 to the Senators (although positive, could be very good for the tank) and allow 5+ goals, and score 2 or less, in six-straight games in the NHL. You just can’t. It doesn’t matter your talent level. That’s just a lack of focus and desire to win. Again, that starts at the top. This team is losing their will to win and it’s easily because Jeff Blashill has lost the locker room (and has been losing it for years).

I know a coaching change isn’t going to magically fix everything. But it has to start somewhere. Send a message to the players that we aren’t going to tolerate this. It’s a new regime under Yzerman, and a new coach is needed to continue to rebuild properly. I fear for even worse the longer Blashill is the coach. We can’t wait anymore for a change. It has to happen now. It has to start now. A new voice, a new chapter, for the Red Wings has to start now before it gets any worse here.