Predictions Contest: The “Oh Yeah, That Thing” Edition

*taps mic*

Is this thing still on?

Oh good. Hi everyone! It’s been... uh, a while. Sorry about that. But now I’m back! You know, with that whole predictions contest thing again. And like, back for good, ‘cause I’m done with school and everything, so I actually have a life and stuff. So I’m going to shake off the rust a little here and finally wrap up last season’s contest so that we can start fresh and new tomorrow as the Red Wings play their season opener.

(Which hey, side note to the NHL? Why are we still waiting for our first game?! Come on, we’re having withdrawals.)

Anyway, I’d like to start off as usual with some fun facts about the data I’ve compiled from last season’s guesses. We had a total of 3,245 total predictions made by 249 individuals, averaging out to about 40 per game. That’s pretty sweet! When I factored out people that made fewer than 10 predictions over the course of the season, I found 59 of you that made 2,858 predictions, for an average of about 48 each! So a huge thank you to everyone that kept coming back and throwing your best ideas at the wall to see what stuck.

Specifically, I’d like to give a shout-out to those commenters that really showed their dedication to this annual fun. mdruh12 and Zadinaberg will be sharing the 2018-19 Iron Octopus for making a prediction for EVERY SINGLE GAME last season. You’re awesome. 12 others missed five or fewer games, which is basically the Red Wings’ equivalent of the classic groin injury. Remember to stretch out your hip flexors!

Alright, enough messing around. It’s time to determine the new Chef För Alla Chefer. I know the #SwedishMafia is pretty much dissolved at this point (sob) but the title sticks.

In third place, with a neat 151 points is user johnnyhockey01! Congratulations on your Bronze Octopus!

Second place, along with the Silver Octopus, goes to Zadinaberg with 159 points! Like last year’s runner-up, you also nabbed the Iron Octopus and can create a silver metal ~aesthetic~ in your internet awards display case.

And now, please put your hands in your lap and make a drum roll...

The winner of the 2018-19 Predictions Contest, recipient of the Gold Octopus and internet fame, is RawrPawr with 160 points! I do believe that this rounds out her collection of awards for this contest, as she already had co-custody of the 2016-17 Bronze Octopus and last year took home both the Silver and Iron Octopus. I might need to get in contact with the Hockey Hall of Fame for a special category of Master Prognosticator and get RawrPawr inducted, because clearly she’s doing something right.

A huge thank you again to everyone who made guesses last season! I so appreciate all of the dedication, because I sure enjoy putting this contest on every year and it seems you all do too. Keep an eye out tomorrow, because we’re about to #DoThatHockey and the new season of guesses starts in the Morning Skate.

Let’s Go Red Wings!!