Quick Hits: 24 Straight Years In The Playoffs!

Red Wings News

Welcome the Islanders and Red Wings to 2015 playoffs | ProHockeyTalk
Twenty four straight years in the playoffs. 24. Thank you very much.

Canadiens 4, Red Wings 3 (OT): Detroit loses game but clinches playoff spot for 24th consecutive season | MLive.com
We may have lost the game, but we clinched a playoff berth for the 24th straight season, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. Let's enjoy this folks and get ready for the Lightning/Canadiens/Rangers.

Detroit Red Wings Q&A: Luke Glendening on the hurdles he's overcome at Michigan and in NHL | MLive.com
From the article: "Luke Glendening is a genuine American success story."

Red Wings touted prospect Anthony Mantha shows signs of heating up in Grand Rapids | MLive.com
Will Mantha be like that Rolling Stones song? "If you start me up, If you start me up, I'll never stop, Never stop, never stop, never stop."

NHL News

Ottawa Senators move into wild card after win at Rangers | Puck Daddy
Today's game between the Islanders and Penguins will be really interesting. If the Penguins lose, they will be only one point ahead of the Bruins with one game left to play.

Sportsnet NHL Awards: Most underrated player - Sportsnet.ca
Nicklas Bäckström has scored at nearly a point-per-game pace his entire career, yet is never talked of as one of the elite centers in the league. Who else made the list? Jiri Hudler. We miss you Jiri!

Big, bad blunder: Bruins fall against Panthers | ProHockeyTalk
By losing to the Panthers last night, the Bruins lost the chance to pass the Penguins for the final wildcard spot in the Eastern Conference. The Bruins are not mathematically out of the playoffs yet, but the odds are not in their favor.

NHL fights to keep Bettman from testifying in concussion case | TSN
The thing with having Bettman testify is that every word he says could easily be turned against him. A slight slip of the tongue regarding the NHL's concussion policy could lose them the entire case.

Report: Prospects Fabbri, Barbashev to join Blues for playoffs | ProHockeyTalk
Robby Fabbri and Ivan Barbashev were the Blues' top two picks in last year's draft.

Bill Daly: Las Vegas ticket drive proves it can support NHL team | Puck Daddy
I would not go so far as to say that it proves it can support an NHL franchise, especially in the long-run. There is certainly some support in Las Vegas for an NHL team, but once the hype has subsided, I am not sure if the team can develop a consistent season ticket fanbase.

Jimmy Fallon takes aim at NHL’s funniest mug shots with hilarious NHL Superlatives | The Hockey News
I love the one with Matt Cullen. Valtteri Filppula made the list too.

Let's Go Red Wings!