Quick Hits: Hockey Is Back!

Red Wings News

Red Wings' top four defense prospects in the lineup for Monday's preseason opener at Pittsburgh | MLive.com
The Wings play there first preseason game tonight against the Penguins. Hockey is back!

Gordie Howe rebounds after 'very bad summer' | USA Today
I had no clue that Howe was in this bad of a condition. He has improved, but, his overall health is still fairly poor. Let's all hope for the best!

Puck Daddy’s NHL 2014-15 Emoji Preview: Detroit Red Wings | Puck Daddy
Octopi, hospital's, and sweat sum up last season quite nicely. Hopefully, this season will involve more octopi and less operations.

Red Wings' Jakub Kindl got too comfortable and took a step back, needs to return to 2013 form | MLive.com
If there was ever a time for Kindl to be motivated to play better, it is this season. He knows that the Wings have four NHL-ready defensemen in Grand Rapids. He also knows that he will be one of the first to be replaced by these prospects if he does not improve his play. I expect him to play a lot better this season than he did in 2013-2014.

Xavier Ouellet: ‘The Happiest Guy on the Planet’ | The Left Wing Lock
Ouellet will be even happier this season when he, hopefully, plays a lot for the Wings.

Cleary is set to compete for ice time - Detroit Red Wings
If he can remain healthy, Cleary will probably play quite a bit this season, maybe even more than players like Jurco and Andersson. Many, including myself, may not fully agree with this. But, it is bound to happen.

Wings enjoyed tour around Michigan - Detroit Red Wings
In our material world, it is easy to forget where sports have their roots: in the community. Without the support of the community, there would be no way to sustain a franchise. That is why it is so incredibly important to be actively involved in the local communities.

Also, a day in the life of Brendan Smith at training camp, via Red Wings TV:

Did he call Lidström "Lindström" around the 50 second mark?

NHL News

As Ryan Johansen KHL talk heats up, Fedorov says no contract offer | Puck Daddy
If Johansen does accept a KHL offer, or at least says that he is considering doing so, it will be interesting to see if Columbus caves in and gives him what he wants.

Cam Atkinson scores twice, Blue Jackets beat Hurricanes 4-3 in exhibition opener - The Hockey News
I have to say, it is really nice to have hockey back. The regular season starts in two weeks, and then college hockey begins a week later!

Two franchise centers await worst teams in league | USA Today
As we have seen with players like Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews, bad teams do not remain bad once they have drafted these superstar players.

Burke: Athletes that can’t separate violence in game with outside world don’t deserve paycheck | ProHockeyTalk
Brian Burke voiced his opinion on the Ray Rice saga. I completely agree with his statement.

Flyers' Giroux suffers lower-body injury; out two weeks | TSN
The Flyers will be without their captain until the start of regular season.

NHL training camp: New coaches look to bring change - CBSSports.com
Sometimes, a new coach is all a team needs to rebound from a poor season. I expect that to be the case with the Canucks and their new head coach, Willie Desjardins.

Buffalo Sabres tanking for Connor McDavid? Players deny, fans wouldn’t cry | Puck Daddy

Down the road, the team will probably benefit from having a top-2 draft pick this season. That said, the players and the coaches cannot say this publicly even if they believed in tanking. How would the team ever be able to attract free agents in the future if it publicly said that it is content with losing?

NHL 2014-15: Team previews, predictions - Sportsnet.ca
Sportsnet picked the Wings to finish somewhere within the top-16, which is fine for me. They picked the Sabres finishing last, with the Flames and Hurricanes rounding out the bottom-three.

Luongo’s ‘mind is at ease’ in Florida | ProHockeyTalk
Unlike in Vancouver, Panthers' fans will not scrutinize Luongo's every move.

Let's Go Red Wings!