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Quick Hits: 8/27

And Then There Were Three – Chris and myself over at The Nightmare On Helm Street have decided to open our doors to a new contributor. He’s lurked and commented and made a spectacle of himself at several recent Detroit Red Wings games in Michigan and Phoenix. Sullyosis is now a junior officer over at NOHS and will be entertaining us once a week with his “Saturdays with Sully” piece.

Out for the Season– Kyle Kujawa, the proprietor of Babcock’s Death Stare recently landed himself an internship position with the Grand Rapids Griffins – congrats, Kyle.  Unfortunately, this means that BDS will be closing its doors for the season.

Red Wings color commentator Mickey Redmond talks about 2010-11 Wings’ roster on WBBL– Bet you can’t tell what this post is about…okay, just kidding.  George Malik of Snapshots provides us with some audio of everyone’s favorite color commentator – the Mickster – who will also be appearing soon at White Caps game in West Michigan.

Ch-ch-ch-changes– Jeff Hancock of the Brendan Smithsonian Institute discusses a variety of things going on in his own world and that of the Detroit Red Wings.  He also discusses Kyle’s career move and the changes going on over at The Production Line.

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