Quick Hits: Alexander Semin Waived, Florida Panthers Vote, NHL Board of Governors' Meetings

For Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Detroit Red Wings News

Six Red Wings Prospects To Attend World Junior Camps - Winging It In Motown
Hicketts, Holmstrom, Ehn, Saarijarvi, Svechnikov, and van Pottelberghe are locks. I'm hoping Turgeon becomes a surprise addition.

Detroit Red Wings' Brad Richards feeling confident again | Detroit Free Press
Confidence is good. He's got some scoring to catch up on.

Larkin a big plus - Detroit Red Wings - News
" 'Larkin is one of those guys who has good habits that have been built over time from his previous coaches,' Blashill said."

Goalie Jake Paterson Called Up to Griffins From Toledo - Winging It In Motown
Big thanks to Mark Monroe of the Toledo Blade for the clarifications.

Around the NHL

Alexander Semin was a gamble worth taking for Habs - Eyes On The Prize
We'll know today whether Alex Semin clears waivers or is claimed (by a team other than Detroit). HEOTP says it was a low-risk signing that just didn't work. We know all about those here. - J.J.

Drug case against NHL’er Mike Richards to be put over once again - Winnipeg | Globalnews.ca
Can they just stick to these court dates for once?

An NHL Draft proposal so crazy it might work - Pension Plan Puppets
A new idea to fix the draft lottery system. Not sure it would work, but it's worth a try. - J.J. (And now I guess it's time to try writing about my idea to eliminate tanking. -Joseph)

Report: Broward County tax vote could seal fate of Florida Panthers | SI.com
I can't wait for Las Vegas to be in the Atlantic Division because of a delay in re-alignment.

C’Mon Ref: Every game has a unique heartbeat - Article - TSN
Kerry Fraser explains how he was a sensitive flower in his reffing days and also blasts some dipshit non-explanation about why refs aren't consistent. - J.J.

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: How NOT to Change on the Fly - On the Forecheck
Want to make your teammates and coaches really mad? Why not make a really terrible line change that leads to an odd man rush and a goal against? -J.J.

Nashville GM calls John Scott All-Star Game voting situation 'unfortunate' | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
I can see it now: The Pacific Division will live up to its current state of garbage by sending out John Scott for 20 minutes of 3-on-3.

Playing In The Pacific Division Is Keeping The Oilers' Season, And Playoff Hopes Alive - The Copper & Blue
The Oilers making the playoffs thanks more to the Pacific Division collapsing than by their own improvement would be a very Oilers thing to have happen. - J.J.

#MondayMustRead: What will the NHL look like in 2020? - Article - TSN
It will look nonexistent because of yet another lockout.

Dunkin' Donuts Announces Partnership with NWHL - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Suck it, Tim Horton's! - J.J.

NHL salary cap could see $3.1 million maximum increase next season | theScore.com
Or a much smaller increase, if last season is any indication.

If I Ruled The (Hockey) World - The Cannon
12 ideas here and I disagree with only a few (ice surface, shot blocking, and sticks) . What about you? - J.J.

Las Vegas' Bill Foley considers training site options as NHL ponders franchise | Las Vegas Review-Journal
Bill Foley is not getting his NHL team today. But the billionaire businessman is staying busy making preparations for when and if the day comes that the league decides to put a team in Las Vegas.

Penguins GM opens up can of worms - PensBurgh
GMs meddling with their teams' rosters always work out well. - J.J.