Quick Hits: Best Line in the NHL?

Statistically Speaking: The best NHL lines | TSN

Pretty interesting article looking at the best and worst lines throughout the NHL. You won't find a Red Wings line amongst the best. That probably doesn't surprise anyone though. Until recently, it doesn't seem like Detroit has had a line click really well since the early days of the season with Nyquist-Helm-Vanek. The last few games, however, I've really enjoyed the work from Nyquist-Larkin-Vanek and, even more so, the line of Tatar-Zetterberg-Mantha.

The real surprise in the article is the absence of the OMG line. Of course, Scott Cullen set a minimum of 100 minutes of 5-on-5 ice time as a trio. The group of Ott-Glendening-Miller probably didn't meet that standard.

And that's a good thing.

Things to clean up in Hockeytown | HockeyBuzz.com

Red Wings blogger Bob Duff lists some of the changes the team needs to make in order to win games on a more regular basis. Essentially, the Wings need to remember to defend, block shots, and kill penalties.

Ultimately, when you're cleaning things up in Hockeytown... don't forget the stairs, buddy.

Let's Go Red Wings.