Quick Hits: Carcillo, McGuire, & Almquist Updates

Red Wings News

Ticker: Put your money on a horse named Datsyuk | Detroit Free Press
I would have named a horse "Helm" or something fast, but I like this idea.

Disgruntled Red Wings prospect Adam Almquist says he’s considering returning to Sweden to avoid AHL | The Malik Report
I understand what Almquist is getting at. I rate Ouellet, Sproul, and Backman all higher than Almquist, and they are all younger than Adam too. I do think that he can develop into a future NHLer, but in the Red Wings system, he has too many players to pass in order for that to become a reality.

Poll: Which young defenseman should the Detroit Red Wings promote first next season? | MLive.com

I put my money on Ouellet being the go-to guy, assuming that he does not begin the season with the Wings.

Wings Holding A Warehouse Sale | The Malik Report
They are selling jerseys for $20 and up. How much do you want to bet that all of those $20 jersey's are ones with the name Samuelsson on the back?

NHL News

Pierre McGuire wants Penguins GM job after Ray Shero’s blessing | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
I cannot wait until Pierre proves everyone wrong. Not that I want the Penguins to win the Cup, but if Pierre takes over, I kind of want them to. Just because.

Dan Carcillo's appeal successful, suspension reduced to six games - CBSSports.com
Remember when Brandon Pettigrew touched an official one time and the Lions were flagged? He touched the guy, at least Carcillo deserved his suspension. Who is dumb enough to check a referee? I mean, come on!

Devils sign Marek Zidlicky to one-year, $4 million deal (Updated) | ProHockeyTalk
Zidlicky scored 42 points for the Devils last season.

Report: Grabovski signs deal with Belarusian soccer club | TSN
Most European hockey players are probably capable in both hockey and football, so I am sure that Grabovski will do fine. He is using the stint to stay in shape though, so this venture will not be a long-term one.

Drew Doughty's Game 7 OT goal celebration couldn't have been better - SBNation.com

Kyle disagrees.

Stanley Cup Final Caucus: Conn Smythe favorite | USA Today
A player from the losing team has not won the Conn Smythe since J.S. Giguere won it in 2003. While I do believe that the Rangers will win the Cup, I also believe that regardless of the final outcome, Henrik Lundqvist will hoist the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Rangers' Zuccarello, 1st Norwegian to reach Stanley Cup finals, creating hockey buzz at home - The Hockey News
As a Swede, one of the most baffling questions that surround my country is why our neighbors are so bad at ice hockey. How is it that Sweden can produce hockey legends such as Nicklas Lidström and Henrik Zetterberg while Norway can barely field a capable hockey team? It's obviously a cultural thing, but intriguing nonetheless.

Winning a double-edged sword for Doughty, who ‘for sure’ misses his anonymity | ProHockeyTalk
I understand what Doughty is getting at. In a way, I would like to be famous, but I do not know if I could give up the ability to walk around anywhere without being hassled. It's kind of a catch-22.

Report: Canadiens' Vanek to test free agency - Sportsnet.ca
If I were the Penguins I would heavily pursue Vanek. He could be the missing piece that Crosby and Malkin need to succeed.

Kings vs. Rangers Stanley Cup Preview: Who has the better city? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
I've never been to either city besides stopping at airports, but I would have to go with NYC in this case. I have never been a fan of the mass advertising in the city, but I am a fan of Wall Street, Broadway, and Times Square.

Philadelphia Union: Flyers sign another from NCAA champs | ProHockeyTalk
Matt Hatch helped Union College win its first NCAA championship this spring.

Stanley Cup Final: Two decades later, the Rangers are fighting for New York's attention - SBNation.com
Who needs the Rangers when you have the Knicks? Then again, you cannot blame people for opting to watch the Yankees over the Rangers. As much as I loathe the Yankees, you can't deny their continued success. They are the Red Wings of the MLB.

Let's Go Red Wings!